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November 31, 2012 "Best Outcall Massage Services Ever 2 Each 60 Minute sessions Blew Us Away In Town" Larry and Jan Chilton NY.

Nov 26, 2012 "Wellbieng and complete serenity, couples with two therapist 90 mins each, we highly recommend Ximena and Sandy as the best therapist locally" Harold Jackson MA.

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Heart Health Supplements - Healing Herbs and Omega3 Fish Oil - Heart Transplant Medicinal Herbs - Waikiki Massage.com

Heart Health Issues Warn Transplant Victims To Stay Alert and Ready Prior To Surgery," The Recovery Stage Calls for Positive Insight, Herbal Wellness Products, Omega3 Diet Regimen - As A Prevention Doctor Recommended Supplement Herb - Ganoderma Lucidum & Ultra Concentrated Fish Oil - Offered By Ximena Arestizabal Renowned Therapist From Honolulu Hawaii’s Healing Center Of Chi and Body Balance Introduces Wellness Extremely Affordable!
Oahu Surfing Tours and Honolulu Massage Therpies Online Booking 139.99 per hour waikikimassage.com

Recent client testimonials on behalf of heart transplant victim recalls her nero muscular massage therapeutic and rejuvenating - Mrs Hillary C was a vacationer to the healing center in Waikiki," her story might enlighten readers in their venture of heart transplant recovery.

Aloha im Ximena A. board certified wellness massage therapist in Waikiki - on this day of 2/12/12 my clients shared a reality story about her recent heart transplant surgery: As I presented therapy on her upper body," i noticed a large scar running from her neck down to her knees:

Hillary informed me that surgery on her heart was reason to live," a better healthier life style - as i performed therapy she voluntarily expressed her experience with heart transplant: without no warning she shouted out im alive and i will survive, that's why im here on a vacation trip to Oahu, moreover the scars are evidence, as she explained the procedure to open chest wall cavity, allowing the surgeons entry way to her hearts veins, arteries, organs and blood vessels - to begin the first stage of her life or death occurance: Doctor told Hillary," she had a (50 50 chance at surviving this type of open heart surgeory) she explaind after surgeons removed her heart, they kept it beating on a rythmic heart machine," while doctors wired, cut and tied her veins," soon after that was over," the installation of her newly built heart was replaced through this 8 hr long surgeory.

Lesson learned this incedent happend 5 yrs ago from today 2/12/12," moreover, the major importance is knowing why her heart failed to beat correctly," some might say treatment would be a lifestyle change towrads the the worst or change my diet after healing from heart surgeory.

Causes: Of Heart Failure

The cause of atherosclerosis isn’t known. However, certain conditions may raise your chances of developing it. These conditions are known as risk factors. You can control some risk factors, such as lack of physical activity, smoking, and unhealthy eating. Others you can’t control, such as age and family history of heart disease.

Brain Health Vitamins Herbs

Omega 3 supplements and Healrt Health Video


The best way to beat heart disease - high intake of natural resources of EFA and DHA - these essential fatty acids are crucial nutrients the heart, brain and organs thrive off of. Many articles about purified fishoil's have been submitted to Google powerful network, selk proclaiming heart supplements to be the leading vitamin searched for online," it is with no questions asked," ganoderma supplements combined with purified omega 3 fish oil combination prevent heart attacks and heart failure.

Herbal brain health product development team created a very special kind of “brain food” that is as pure as it is purely effective.

Using the Mycelium part of the mushroom, Excellium was found to contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes and amino acids that can improve effective brain function, and produce the mental stamina you need to get through a very tough day. And it’s excellent for both children and adults. Combined with Gano Excel’s own Ganoderma, Excellium works synergistically to become what many believe is the best mind/body tandem in nutrition today.

Gano Schokolade Gano C’Real Spirulina Oats
Oahu Surfing Tours and Honolulu Massage Therpies Online Booking 139.99 per hour waikikimassage.com Oahu Surfing Tours and Honolulu Massage Therpies Online Booking 139.99 per hour waikikimassage.com

Providing the number one natural doctor recommended dietary supplements in the world – Gano Excel healthy coffee’s made in a rich organic farm environment of Malaysia and South East Asia.

Our leading therapy day spa service is care giving to many sufferers of diabetes, cancer, arthritis, back surgery, knee surgery, neck pain and neck injury, where bones are subluxated between vertebral disc and cartridge displacement, causing the bodies mechanics to operate against it’s self,” thus be called or named an auto immune deficiency.

Our trace herbal mineral based is dense in rich organic trace magnesium,” this essential mineral helps regulate blood sugar levels, promotes normal blood pressure and is required for producing and storing energy through out the liver, lung, immune system and brain functions.

References Heart Failure Wikipedia

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